Tuesday, September 3, 2013

They Are Not "Pro-Life"

In recent decades religious people have attempted to regain the high moral ground that they lost as a result of the holocaust by suddenly proclaiming that they are "pro-life".  By this term they are seeking to convince us all that their political policy of encouraging their members to breed without limit actually reflects their prohibition against any sort of killing.

Of course, their history and their holy writings tell us quite clearly that they are not against killing by any means.  And their apparent indifference to the suffering (and often early death) of many of these extra, unwanted children tells us rather clearly just how little they really care about them or their lives.

Likewise, the recent publicity concerning the longstanding problem of pedophilia among the clergy shows quite clearly just how little most churches, both clergy and laity, care about children.  Almost uniformly, the concern of the church and its members is focused on the church's reputation--not at all on the well being of the children who were the victims of horrible crimes perpetrated by those in positions of trust.  In fact, the churches usually are quite willing to sacrifice the well-being of those children in order to protect the church.  Many of the children go on to commit suicide or live blighted lives.

These churches (including both clergy and laity) are actually interested in their own political power.  Their concern for their reputation and the growth of their flock make that abundantly clear.

I think we all need to understand where these churches are trying to take our society.  Their endgame, even if they don't realize it, is the extermination of all other groups.  They plan to outbreed everyone else, thereby seizing power and forcing the rest of us to either conform or face the wrath of a combined, intolerant church and state.  This combined wrath will make it very difficult for dissenters to successfully have children of their own.  They simply won't be able to afford them, even assuming they are not killed or imprisoned.

If, in the process, the planet becomes dangerously overcrowded, resulting in the death or misery of millions or even billions that don't belong to the right church, then so be it.  They don't care about that--at least, not enough to stop it, even though they could.

Consequently, I think the "pro-life" movement should be referred to as "pro-overpopulation" or "pro-extinction".  Don't let the religious fanatics get away with branding their poisonous product with feel good labels.  Call it what it is, using a name that highlights the horrible fate that awaits us if they get their way.

When the religious start their "pro-life", holier than thou crap, you can respond:

"You aren't pro-life, you are pro-overpopulation, which means you are also pro-extinction of everyone else and perhaps even everything else."

Of course, it is often best not to respond at all when they start in on the issue of abortion.  Their emotions have been whipped up to the point of murder on that topic.  Engaging them on it can be very hazardous. 

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