Sunday, September 22, 2013

Newton's Times

I have written several posts explaining that Isaac Newton had to be religious because of the era in which he lived.  Had he not been, it is highly unlikely that we would have ever heard of him.  In particular, see Newton, the Heretic and Newton and Einstein.

For those who doubt my assertions regarding the intolerance and barbarity prevalent during Newton's life, I recommend researching the case of Thomas Aikenhead, a Scottish University student who was hung in January of 1697 for blasphemy because he expressed opinions casting doubt on Christianity and the Bible.  In fact, his opinions were very similar to those of many atheists and skeptics today.

Aikenhead lived and was executed at the time that Newton's career was reaching its zenith.  I don't know if he could have been a great thinker or not.  We will never know.  But, we do know from the example of his case that Newton could not have even finished his education if he had not been a believer.

Thus, as I have asserted before, Newton's status as a believer proves nothing regarding the intelligence of believers.

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