Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Purpose of Religion... IV

One of the purposes of religion is to distract people from the injustices of the world.  Baron d'Holbach said it quite well in his work "Good Sense" (the title is sometimes translated as "Common Sense"):

"We are told, that divine qualities are not of a nature to be comprehended by finite minds. The natural consequence must be, that divine qualities are not made to occupy finite minds. But religion tells us, that the poor finite mind of man ought never to lose sight of an inconceivable being, whose qualities he can never comprehend. Thus, we see, religion is the art of turning the attention of mankind upon subjects they can never comprehend."

 This work was first published in 1772 and was primarily a summation of his more famous work "The System of Nature".  This particular point is related to others; it concerns the use of religion to control people, particularly the downtrodden.  It can be rephrased as follows:

"The purpose of religion is to keep people distracted so they don't give too much thought to the injustices they see around them."

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