Friday, September 20, 2013

Abortion Is Murder, They Say

In recent decades, the religious have seized upon abortion as their moral "cause" that they use to rally the troops and try to seize power.

Of course, they also use it as a litmus test in order to re-assert the bigoted notion that they are moral and the rest of us are not.  That notion took quite a beating (a well-deserved one, I might add) after the deeds of the "Christian" nations of Central Europe during the Holocaust were exposed to the world.

These days the abortion issue has become such a hot button issue in the U.S. that I advise avoiding the topic altogether.  You can't hope to get through to those who disagree, and as soon as the topic comes up it becomes impossible to even talk to religious people.  They lose all rationality.  Not even changing the subject will work at that point because the rational part of their brain is not in control and won't be in control again for some time.  It is best to just walk away--quickly.

In this situation, religious people become dangerous--to you.  Letting them know that you disagree will cause you to be targeted by them and their friends and fellow church members.  The best that you can hope for is that they will only bad mouth you amongst themselves.

If you feel you must say anything or are in a situation to speak safely because of anonymity, distance, or some other factor that protects you, then the best response is simply to point out that there is much more at stake with this issue than the potential life of a child.

Our world is dangerously overpopulated, and, in my opinion, many social ills including mental illness, crime, and suicide result from bringing unwanted children into the world.

Consequently, when someone says that abortion is murder, you can sum up the situation by saying:

"Bringing unwanted children into the world is a crime against humanity."

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