Thursday, April 2, 2015

They Are All Liars!

I have pointed out on numerous occasions the extent to which believers are dishonest.  They frequently tell bald faced lies.  They engage in systematic and nearly uniform intellectual dishonestyThey will do nearly anything to make sure that the marketplace of ideas is never given a chance to honestly evaluate their claims so that there is nothing to impede their efforts to brainwash the entire population.

Today there was news story regarding the recent "religious freedom restoration" law in Indiana that illustrated the way in which religious people are bald faced liars (especially when their religion is concerned).  The christian owners of a small pizza place in Indiana announced that their religion would prevent them from serving pizza for a gay wedding.

Almost in the same breath, the owners insisted that they were not discriminating against anyone.  Obviously, refusing to cater gay weddings while agreeing to cater straight weddings is discrimination.  How can such a bald faced lie ever pass through the lips of a supposedly honest christian?  Simple, their entire worldview is a lie.  They live in world of lies that they tell themselves everyday.  They are so accustomed to telling lies where their religion is concerned that they are unable to distinguish the truth with regard to it.

In a way, this isn't surprising.  After all if a person can't tell himself the truth, it's nearly impossible for him to tell anyone else truth.  What is religion except a giant lie that a person tells himself.  For religious people, the "truth" is whatever makes them feel about themselves and look good to others.  They are pathologically dishonest.