Monday, July 11, 2011

Religion and Racism III

After drafting my post entitled Religion and Racism, it occurred to me that a previous post gave strong support to the views I expressed.  One of the things I said in that post was:

"Three hundred years ago it was still considered acceptable to enslave people of other races.  Likewise, it was still acceptable to burn non-believers at the stake.  These extreme expressions of intolerance are no longer permitted."
Although it is true that such practices are no longer acceptable, thinking about them apparently is.  I had mentioned in The Insanity of Religion III that a prominent Israeli Rabbi had publicly stated that other groups of people were meant by god only to serve the Jews.  I did not mention racism in that post, but I could have because the link is clear.  Religion and racism are both expressions, in part, of insane, group based egotism.  I can't imagine any example of words or behavior that could make this link any more clear than the Rabbi's publicly expressed thoughts.

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