Friday, April 1, 2011

The Threat of Theocracy II

Below is a video showing recent and future presidential candidate Mike Huckabee stating that Americans should be forced to listen to David Barton's insane revised history lessons--at gunpoint if necessary.  Please send a link to this video to every sane, intelligent person you know--and maybe even some who aren't so sane.  This man could be President some day soon.

He has made of habit of expressing notions that can only be seen as threatening to impose theocracy on the U.S.  This one is just the latest, and maybe the greatest.

The threat is real, folks.  I don't know why so many people, even non-believers, can't see it.  Anyone and everyone who believes in freedom, democracy, and the republican form of government needs to become aware of this and vow to defeat this movement and all it's candidates--many of whom operate in stealth mode, especially during the general election.  Fortunately, however, they can't get the nomination of the Republican Party unless they say crazy things like this during the Republican primaries.

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  1. the crowds breaks out in laughter when he makes the gunpoint comment..