Monday, April 11, 2011


The religious are always talking about how they are "saved", how Christ died for their sins and now their God will save them from going to Hell.  But, who was going to put them in Hell in the first place?  The very God who saved them.  What they never seem to get is that they are saying God went through this elaborate ruse in order to save them from Himself.

The next time you hear one of them go into their diatribe about being saved, try to get them to think this through.

Believer:  "I am saved."

Atheist:  "Saved from what?"

Believer:  "Saved from going to Hell."

Atheist:  "Who would put you in Hell in the first place?"

Believer:  "God."

Atheist:  "Who is going to save you from Hell?"

Believer:  "God."

Atheist:  "So, God is saving you from... Himself?"

Of course, the believer might see where you are going and try to weasel out by trying to claim that the sinner is responsible or that Satan is responsible, but this is easily countered for the obvious reason that God allegedly made everything, including Hell and the supposed cosmic justice system that would send you there for eternity.

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