Friday, December 10, 2010

Why Do the Religious Need Faith?

Religious beliefs violate the rules of logic.  They are neither logically sound nor logically valid.  There are no facts that support them, and the reasoning that is used to support them is always invalid--usually because it is circular logic.  That is why the religious need faith and that is why their beliefs are called beliefs and not facts. 

Faith is the patch the believer puts over the hole in the logic of his belief system.  Once that patch is put over the hole in the argument, the rest follows easily.  (In fact, anything follows easily once you swallow that whopper, which is why religion is so dangerous and why it is clearly a dangerous mental illness.)  The other "arguments" are nothing but bad rationalizations.

Point this out to them when appropriate:

"If religious beliefs did not violate the rules of logic, they would be facts and not beliefs."

"If religious beliefs did not violate the rules of logic, then you wouldn't need faith."

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