Monday, December 20, 2010

Do We Live in The Matrix?

I mentioned in a previous post that religion, in essence, is solipsism taken completely seriously--taken as the absolute truth.

By that reasoning, we all live in a world like that depicted in "The Matrix".  Our perceived reality is just an ephemeral dream but "true" reality is something we can't even sense--until this life ends.

So, next time someone tries to convince you to believe in god, just try to convince that person that he or she lives in "The Matrix".  Turn his reasoning back on him and force him to see that he is essentially saying that he seriously believes that he lives in a world like that depicted in the movie.  The only difference being that instead of machines, the one allegedly controlling us is a "spirit person" with magic powers.

Alternatively, rather than go through a charade with the believer, you could simply use the analogy.  Explain to him what his beliefs really amount to:  a delusion that our world isn't the "real" world--an escapist delusion.

Please read the post linked above and my earlier post on solipsism for more ideas and analysis.

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