Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Moral Insanity of Religion II

As I pointed out previously, the religious continually admit to their own lack of morality when they state that they, and everyone else--in their estimation, can only be moral when in fear of punishment.  This is the morality of a psychopath or a very small child, not that of a mature, sane, intelligent adult.

This lack of morality is also manifest in their intellectual lives.  To a psychopath, the only concern he has about his own guilt is whether or not others can prove it.  When accused, he will deny his guilt or, if he feels hostile to the accuser and confident that he has nothing to fear, simply sneer “prove it”.  Likewise, when nonbelievers point out that believers can’t prove their god exists, the rejoinder will be “well, you can’t prove god doesn’t exist”.

This is an intellectually dishonest, indeed intellectually psychopathic, response.  Everyone, including believers, knows that when there is no evidence that something exists, the logical conclusion is that it doesn’t exist—even if one keeps an open mind about future evidence that might prove the existence of the thing.  Everyone, from the most devout fundamentalist, creationist preacher to the most secular nonbeliever knows this is the correct logical approach and they all apply it in their everyday lives to every question, except when the question of a believer’s religion comes up.  Then, suddenly, logic is turned on its head and the believer sneers “prove it”.

 I have seen and heard of Christians who display exactly this type of psychopathic mentality.  One incident I read about involved a public school teacher who behaved in a blatantly illegal way by making inappropriate religious comments in class in a public school.  The teacher knew her behavior was illegal, but, like so many, thought she could get away with it.  The person who experienced it said that he asked her about it later and that ”her response was that she could not get in trouble, because she said it and did not write it down.”

Obviously, this "explanation" means that she reserves the right to bear false witness to cover up her illegal activities.

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