Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who's Crazy?

I have written before of the accusation that we long term non-believers have so often heard that we are "crazy" for not believing.  I have come up with a rather aggressive reply.  Speaking to the believer who says non-believers are crazy say:

"You have an invisible, psychopathic friend with limitless magic powers and you think I'm crazy?"

If you want to be a bit more polite, then you can add:

"because I refuse to believe in invisible things without evidence?"

This, however, will usually lead to a repeat of their specious claim that the existence of the universe if proof that god exists.  When that happens, just refer to the arguments I have made about this trite bit of circular reasoning.

Does the Universe's Existence Prove God's?

Does the Universe's Existence Prove God's?  Part II

Does the Universe's Existence Prove God's?  Part III

Is the Earth/Universe "Just Right" For Us?

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