Saturday, December 3, 2011

Religion Is Divisive II

After drafting my post the other day about religion's divisiveness, it occurred to me that one of the reasons this criticism doesn't resonate with religious people is that their emotional motivations are different.  They do not have the same negative reaction to the concept of divisiveness that most non-believers have.   

As I have asserted many times before, one of the motivations behind religious belief is egotism.  Many believers want to think that their belief makes them better than other people.

Thus, even if they can quote the precise definition for the word "divisive", they do not react to the accusation they way they should.  This is because many religious people actually want religion to be divisive.  They want it to elevate them above others.  This egotistical need is more important to them than accurate assessments of the facts and apparently more important than peace and harmony in the world.

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