Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Not a Choice, It's a Punishment

We have all seen the bumper stickers sported by the "pro-life" movement that say:  "It's not a choice, it's a child".  This slogan expresses what they would have us believe is their motivation--as does the name they chose for their movement "pro-life".  They would have us all believe that they're concerned solely with the life of the fetus.  But, as I explained before, they don't really care about that.  What motivates them is their conviction that sex (or any pleasure, really) is wrong.  They see the pregnancy as a punishment.

When they say "It's not a choice, it's a child", what they really mean is "It's not a child, it's a punishment".

So, you can respond:

"It's not a punishment for having sex, it's a fetus."

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