Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stalin and Mao II

In my post on Stalin and Mao I discussed how their "persecution" of religious people is used as an excuse or deflection device by the religious when they are reminded of the extent to which they have persecuted non-believers.  One point I alluded to is that the levels of persecution are not in any way comparable, not in number, not in severity, and not in thoroughness.  It is not a bad idea to make this explicit when you have Stalin and Mao thrown in your face:

"If Stalin and Mao had hunted down, tortured, and killed every single believer they could find, then your comparison might be valid.  But, they did not, and it is not."

Considering that the religious did, indeed, for centuries hunt us down, torture us, and kill us in the most gruesome manner their imaginations could devise, the fact that they would claim to be the ones who are persecuted is nothing short of shameless.

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