Monday, June 6, 2011

The Moral Insanity of Religion VIII

I have written several posts about the moral insanity of "religious morality".  I have tried to emphasize the extent to which "religious morality" is actually authoritarianism designed and implemented precisely to cause people to ignore their innate moral sense and behave immorally and still feel like they are good people.  I have seen this myself on many occasions and I have often heard the religious say things that confirm it to be true--although, ironically, they never realize what they are saying.

I recently saw a posting on an atheist website the echoed my observations and conclusions and I would like to share it here as further evidence that I am not simply making things up or trying to cast baseless aspersions on religion or the religious.

A woman, explaining her de-conversion from belief stated:

"There had been many sparks over the course of the years but as a devout Christian I tried my best to go on, holding on to my faith in spite of those sparks. That all changed when I went to a bible study in college. The study was 1 Samuel 15, God calling on Saul to kill the Amalekites and God being disappointed in him for not taking the massacre as far as God wanted. The question for this study was 'if you were in Saul's place and God asked you to do something you were not comfortable with, would you obey him and obey him completely?' I then watched most of the room nod their heads in agreement with this sentiment."

You can view the original here.

I find it difficult to imagine a more complete admission regarding the morally bankrupt authoritarianism masquerading as "religious morality". 

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