Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Bible: A Manual for Psychopaths

This is just a quick post to tie a couple of thoughts together into a single revealing notion.  That notion is that the bible is nothing more than a manual of psychopathy.  Others have written extensively about the incredible immorality in the bible.  Much of this criticism focuses on the more blatant examples of overt evil mentioned with approval in the bible, such as genocide, aggressive wars of conquest, racism, slavery, etc.  But, just as important are the lessons concerning honesty.

Story after story depicts "god's favored" people doing atrocious and dishonest things.  Yet these people are still held up as "righteous" heroes.  Why?  Because of their loyalty to god or their membership by birth in a favored group.  Examples include the story of David, Uriah, and Bathsheba, the story of Jacob and Esau (even Jacob's name means "deceiver"),  Lot offering his virgin daughters up to a rape gang to curry favor with god, and the story of what god and the devil did to Job just to settle a bet.

The bible makes it quite clear that these sorts of dishonest, harmful activities are perfectly permissible for the "righteous".  Who are they?  The ones who are loyal to god, that's who.  These loyalists have to obey some rudimentary rules in their dealings with other loyalists, but those not in the group can be used and abused as much as you like.  In fact, those not in the group apparently should be thankful that the loyalists don't kill them and steal their property.

To a believer, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this thinking or this conduct because the "absolute" arbiter of morality has told them it is permissible or even required on occasion.  This is what comes of elevating obedience to authority over all other moral considerations.

The bible is nothing but a "How to" manual for psychopaths.  The bible tells believers how to be manipulative and dishonest and why it's permissible to be that way.  It also provides them with a way to fool themselves into believing that they have done nothing wrong.  This allows them to quiet the voice of conscience, should they have one, that might be whispering to them.

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