Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lies, Lies, Lies

One of the most common tactics used by the religious is simply to lie.  Quite ironic considering that lying is a violation of one of the 10 commandments they hold so dear.  (I know that not all religions honor those particular rules.  I focus my efforts primarily on Christians because of its effect on my life and the threat it poses to western civilization, but even non-Abrahamic religions have rules against lying--which their members violate.)

It is important for all non-believers to keep current on the most recent spate of lies circulating in their local religious communities.  When you hear the lies, speak up and call them what they are.  Be ready to tell the actual facts with suggestions for research by the benighted believers.  Don't expect it to work in every case, however.  You are, after all, dealing with people who have rejected reality because they don't like it.  They choose their "facts" based on how they "feel" about them, not based on evidence or truth.

I will deal with these separately and at greater length in later posts, but some of the most recent outrageous lies and their brief refutations are:

The Nazis were atheists!

One of the first things the Nazis did upon gaining power was to outlaw atheism and freethinking.   Freethought Hall in Berlin was given to a christian church.  The Nazi soldiers wore belt buckles that said "God is with us".  The Nazi soldiers' highest military decoration was the "Iron Cross".  It was not a cross by chance. Most important, is the fact that the Nazi Party platform states clearly that Nazism is a Christian political party.

The Supreme Court said it was illegal to pray in school!

The Supreme Court ruled that public school officials cannot conduct or organize prayer as part of their duties as school officials or appear to do so.  The Court did not and could not ever rule that people can't pray in school.  That would be completely un-Constitutional.  It has been decades since the Court ruling came out and the believers have been lying about it as long as I can remember.  I have personally watched them continue to lie about it even after being corrected.  One wonders why they feel the need to compulsively lie about it.

Atheists are just people who want to break god's rules, so they refuse to believe in god!

This is just a clear example of naked, ugly bigotry.  All the evidence shows that this claim is a lie.  There is a disproportionately high percentage of believers in prison and a disproportionately small percentage of atheists.  Comparisons of religious societies with non-religious societies shows that the religious societies have a higher incidence of "sin" than non-religious ones.  Compare Sweden, the most atheistic society in the world, with the American bible belt and you will find a much higher rate of teen pregnancy, divorce, crime, etc., in the American bible belt.  Look for later posts on religion and morality for more evidence.

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