Monday, September 20, 2010

Good and Evil

Good and evil are subjective in part.  Believers like to pretend this isn't true of their values, but it is. They pick and choose their values subjectively just like the rest of us.  They pick and choose which parts of the bible have current validity and then they pick and choose how they interpret those parts.  But it is this firm belief on their part that they represent the "ultimate" moral authority--and that those who
disagree are just bad people--that makes them dangerous and is a large part of why I say religion is evil.

Atheists are not beyond good and evil.  I doubt any human will ever be so devoid of emotion and values as that.  To me, good and evil are determined by what I value.  I think everyone starts from this point, but I am one of those who are honest about it.  One of the things I value is mankind--including it's current and future well-being.  I also value peace and freedom for all individuals (within the limits necessary to
operate an effective criminal justice system). 

There is no doubt in my mind that religion threatens those things.  We have in the world today millions if not billions of people who want to impose their religion on everyone else--regardless of the consequences.

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