Friday, August 2, 2013

A Real Christian Is Intolerant

One of the phenomena associated with religion that, frankly, makes me laugh, is the tendency of believers to accidentally speak the truth on occasion.  Most of the time they stick to the talking points provided by their leaders so as not to alienate the public.  On occasion, however, the truth slips out.  Such an occasion occurred during one of the "Atheist Experience" webcasts.  (If you are not familiar with these programs, I highly recommend them.  They are often quite entertaining in the "Fundies say the darnedest things" kind of way.)

In this case, the caller apparently did not realize what he was actually saying until the panelists laughed at him.  Though, in fact, what he said is not a laughing matter.  We all need to take it deadly seriously.  I am sure the panelists were simply amazed that he would actually say such a thing out loud, which is the same reason I laugh at such incidents.

What the caller said was that if a person is not intolerant, then he is not a real Christian.  Listen for yourself.  The video I am inserting here is on Youtube and is quite brief.

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