Sunday, January 8, 2012

Book Review: The Annointed

A couple of days ago, The New York Times published a review of a new book entitled "The Annointed".  The book, by Randall J. Stevens and Karl W. Giberson, examines the god experts in the evangelical fold who have been annointed by the others as their intellectual leaders as they try to undo the enlightenment.  I have often mentioned that many modern religious types want to drag us all back to the Dark Ages.  This claim is seen by many, who lack my experience with religion, as alarmism or even paranoia.

This book should help set the record straight.  Many religious people do, indeed, want to eradicate the enlightenment.  The book also gives us hope by showing how the movement is, as yet, confused in its goals.

When this posts was originally published, I provided a link to a re-publication of the book review, which was written by Molly Worthen.  The re-publication was in the Rick Ross website.  The site has since changed its name and can now be found at  I highly recommend this site for its content on cults--including those that are not often seen as cults because of their sheer size.  (The original site now publishes casino reviews, so don't go there.)

(Post amended Sept. 20, 2013.)

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