Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reproduction As Warfare

I am sorry I haven't posted lately.  I have had a lot of things occupying me in the last few weeks, and the posts I am working on seem unfinished as yet.  I felt I had to pass on something I read this morning, however.  A frequent poster on Think Atheist posted one of the best and most succinct explanations of the reasons for religious hostility to birth control, and I just had to pass it on (with a slight modification or two):

"Along the course of time, while religions were being invented by the leaders of humans, and gods were invented to instil fear in order to control the masses, unlimited reproduction, seen as a weapon of war, war by numbers, was a primary component of the purpose of religion.  Unlimited reproduction (breeding) is still a component of the religious wars. Overbreeding and religion are inseparable. Religious people are indoctrinated into thinking that humans are precious, in order to create more disposable humans, in order to outnumber the other religious factions.  Religious citizens are the breeding pawns of war mongers.

Our methods of economics, notwithstanding its many faults, has taught us one very important consideration, the availability of a resource is inversely proportional to its value.   Religious leaders know this.  As our human population expands, it becomes more and more important for religious leaders to instil the "precious human" doctrine.  We need precious disposable humans to send to slaughter at war, to ensure our place at the top of civilization.  Breeding contributes to the war effort.

Now... women in the west have been reducing our war effort, but what have our governments done to compensate?  [They] encourage population growth in the third world, then import those disposable war workers here.  As usual, our governments working against us."
Just above this person's comment, you will find another post on the topic that is also quite informative.

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