Monday, August 22, 2011

The Truth About Islam

This has been a very un-productive month or two.  I have been very busy with personal matters.  I could not, however, fail to pass along a link to a very revealing article about Islam.  The author is one of my favorites--the ever insightful Luis Granados.  Once again, I cannot recommend his blog highly enough.  It should be required reading for all.

The article discusses a case of a trumped up blasphemy accusation made against a British educated Pakistani professor.  It seems the professor had the temerity to champion secularism and humanism.  Worse than that, apparently, was the fact that he advocated settlement of Pakistan's conflict with India by accepting the current de facto border as the actual border.  The trumped up nature of the charge was obvious and it provides further evidence of the true nature and purpose of religion:  Controlling people for political and economic gain.

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